Restaurants are boring.

That’s why we’re creating interesting gastronomy experiences in cooperation with the project Forbidden Taste. This pop-up project brings interesting chefs into places where dining is not common at all. So the guests can enjoy a fine dining degustation menu in the middle of a skatepark, in industrial spaces, art galleries or directly on the theatre stage.

Dinner in the middle of skatepark

Forbidden Taste experiences are always full of surprises. Guests get the sms with a clue how to get to the dinner only on the day of the event. Places are always limited and usually gone in a few minutes after the registration starts.
„Forbidden Tattoo“ – a dessert served directly on your hand became one of Forbidden Taste’s signatures.

Yes, it’s edible. Feel free to taste.

Serving panna cotta on a toothbrush? Why not!?

This is a video from POP FOOD ART event:

We even serve people in the streets:

Or our waiters turn into dancers and start a flash mob in the middle of serving you:

There is only one way how to experience the Forbidden Taste. You need to subscribe for the Forbidden Taste newsletter and wait until the next reservations open.

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