Forbidden Spot Prague

In 2016, we opened the new Forbidden Spot in Prague’s Holešovice Art District. What exactly can you find here?

First of all, it’s an art gallery. Actually, the world’s most colourful art gallery – as it has been called in media. Street artists, graffiti writers, painters, illustrators. These all leave their colour footprints there.


But the gallery is only a part of this huge 1,400 square meters space. Part of it is a co-working space (or an “external living room”, as we call it). The members can do their work for example in a water bed or inside a large Life is Porno box.

Forbidden Spot

There are quite some events happening at the Forbidden Spot. This is for example a skate exhibition before the legendary Mystic Skate Cup with world class skaters.

Lukyn Wagentner photo Mystic Warm up

But not only skateboarding is welcome under our roof. Forbidden Spot also hosted Octogon Bohemia, the European breakdance qualification for the Octogon Battle in New York. With bboys from all around Europe:

We also hosted the very first European Barber Battle and barber workshops with celebrity barbers Vince The Barber and Julius Caesar from Grey Matter L.A.

Few of our own exhibitions took place here, too. Such as the biggest exhibition of snapbacks:

Or an exhibition of hats created in collaboration with London-based hat designer BySju:

And can’t forget about the stickers gallery… Thousands of stickers from artists and brands from all over the world are covering our restrooms. You can easily spend hours at the toilet…




The White Room is also part of the Forbidden Spot. It’s a creative conference room for brainstorms, workshops and meetings. It can be booked here.


Forbidden Spot is open Monday to Friday 11:11am – 18:18pm as well as for many events we host here. The address is Bubenská street 1 (building Orco – look for the door with the forbidden sign) in Prague 7, right by the metro station Vltavská.

Forbidden Spot Facebook has all the fresh news. And so does @forbiddenspot Instagram.