Life is Porno Family

Our family is big and still growing. From boardriding, to art, music, tattoo. We work with people around the world who push their limits and live their Porno.

Rodrigo Gonzales Amaral

He is one the newest members of our Porno family. Rodrigo is a skater from Brazil and he shot with us a skateboarding video in London.

Skateporning family

Skateboarding has always been a big part of us. That's why we came up with the Skateporning movie about dirty riders - such as Karel Raichl, Martin Pek, Tyler Hendley, Tomáš Javůrek, Honza Bašný or Michal Suchopár. Under the supervision of the director Martin BOB Hausner.

Martin Dražil

Martin Dražil is BMX rider and last year, he attended Flat Ark in Kobe, Japan. His favourite discipline is flatland which uses no ramps or obstacles and is all about mastering tricks only with the bike on a flat surface.

Tomáš Zejda

Tomáš Zejda travels with his mountainbike around the globe. And most of the time you'll see him upside down. Back in 2014 he won our 7DAYZ Film Contest in the category "Porno Killer" and became part of our Life is Porno family right away.

Skill Fanatikz Crew

Skill Fanatikz Crew is a leading breakdance crew from Poland a.k.a. Polska familia. You'll see them crushing our Forbidden Spot every once in a while.

Honza Pentifull & Mic Czech

Mike and Honza from Pentifull crew are bboys and Porno fellaz since the day one.

Roman Dlauhý

Roman Dlauhý is a Czech professional snowboarder. Have you seen Snowporning? He´ll show you what he can do with his board there..

Daniel Hanka

Daniel Hanka is one of the best freeskiers in the world. His Smelly Socks (webisodes) are legendary.

Matěj Česák

Young FMX gun. Matej Cesak is part of the Masters of Dirt Family and rides also FMX Gladiator Games.


Spendlo is known for his colourful tattoos. He resides in tattoo studios in London, Copenhagen, Bali - and Prague's Forbidden Spot quite often.


Kačer is one of the founding member of the Porno Crew. He painted portraits of the core members all around the gallery in Forbidden Spot. Including his own. He also designed our Nomad Collection.


Karkys is another of the Porno Crew's founding members. His typical pose is either behind a camera or on a cafe racer howl seat. He's an author of Snowporning and Wakeporning series. And recently he shot our 365 video.


Tino stands together with Dian behind our whole label including Forbidden Spot. He's also a co-founder of the very first pop-up in Prague - Forbidden Taste.


Dian is an art director of our label. You can find his (color)marks in the most colorful gallery in the world - Forbidden Spot. Or in New York, London and Warsaw.

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