Our projects

Our world doesn't end with streetwear. We're running the "world's most colourful art gallery" at Forbidden Spot in Prague, organising events, creating art projects, parties, sports film festival and even creative food experiences.

Skater Rodrigo Gonzales cruising London

We took our skater Rodrigo Gonzales to show London from a skater’s point of view. While he cruises the streets, you hear a “dirty” phone call. But you know what we say - "Dirty is the new Clean".

Let's watch the "Dirty Talk" video!

365 Snapbacks Project

Edition of three hundred and sixty five snapbacks - art works - which will be released during the year 2017. Each of them was painted over the last four years by the artist DIAN who stands behind Life is Porno. All the caps could have been seen only once and this exhibition at Forbidden Spot became the biggest snapbacks exhibition in the world up to date.

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Mannequin Challenge at Forbidden Spot

Even our Forbidden Spot was part of #mannequinchallenge together with LIP Production, Red Bull and people like Maxim Habanec, Honza Pentifull or Kenny Rough.

Watch them remain frozen in action!

Hats Capsule Collection: Life is Porno x BySju

This collaboration is a connection of two worlds: High-end meets streetwear. Dirty meets clean. Prague meets London. BySju meets Life is Porno.

The result was the Capsule Collection of hats in 8 different colours. All of them fully re-shapable, hand made and afterwards hand-painted by the artist Dian. Each hat comes with canvas so it's basically a piece of art that you can actually wear.

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(Street) Art Projects

Art projects all around the world are defining who we really are. From stop-motion animations to murals.

See our (legal) art

Forbidden Spot

In 2016, we opened the new Forbidden Spot in Prague. And what exactly is this place? It’s a huge space which includes our art gallery, a Forbidden Store, art and music studios, a creative co-working space as well as an event venue…

Check the Forbidden Spot

Forbidden Taste

We love great food and unexpected taste. We tested and tasted tons of recommended restaurants and realised that RESTAURANTS ARE BORING! They offer amazing food but that’s it. And we want more.

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ACAB caps and headwear

We love headwear. Our ACAB trucker caps became our signature product since we launched in 2012. What's the story behind them? Why they are called A.C.A.B.? Are they all really painted?

Read more about the ACAB caps

Nomad Cinemagraph Lookbook

In collaboration with a visual artist Boodya, we introduced our Nomad Collection via cinemagraphs - still images that actually move. The collection was designed by Kacer. And we shot the collection on him, with his lady and their dog Gipsy.

Full cinemagraph lookbook here

Life is Porno People Exhibition

Prague's Riverside Náplavka full of alive Rumpels (our art figure) holding portraits shot by a renowned photographer Frantisek Ortmann for our brand. Big boat with a miniramp on it, world-class skaters such as Christian Hosoi, Austen Seaholm or Pedro Barros and 2000 people. What more would you need?!

Watch the video