We're a forbidden street culture - a collective of creatives with projects in art, extreme sports and street fashion. But first of all, we're a family of people sharing the same mindset: living to the fullest while pushing your own limits.

Our streetwear is functional and built for the streets.
Because Life is Porno.


New beanies, some goodies. And a lot of stuff in the making!

is the
new clean.

365 Snapbacks Project

Edition of three hundred and sixty five snapbacks - art works - which will be released during the year 2017. Each of them was painted over the last four years by the artist DIAN who stands behind Life is Porno. All the caps could have been seen only once and this exhibition at Forbidden Spot became the biggest snapbacks exhibition in the world up to date.

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Forbidden Spot

In 2016, we opened the new Forbidden Spot in Prague. And what exactly is this place? It’s a huge space which includes our art gallery, a Forbidden Store, art and music studios, a creative co-working space as well as an event venue…

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